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Globe H-Back Suspenders with Rip-Cord

Price: $20.20

Manufacturer: Globe

Four suspender button attachments are on the front and 2 on the back Bib. The main body is constructed with 100% cotton webbing. The left and right halves of the suspenders are joined by 10" long, 2" wide horizontal elasticized webbing at the mid-back, forming an "H". On the front, a high-temp thermoplastic loop is attached to the end of the suspender straps on each side. Straps are 2" wide elasticized webbing and are threaded through and folded over the thermoplastic loops. The ends of the elasticized straps are finished with leather suspender button attachments providing 4-way suspension at the front. High-temp thermoplastic slides allow for adjustment of length. The H-Back Suspender with Rip-Cord is equipped with a specially configured metal slide that adjusts suspenders easily with a quick pull of the rip-cord. Tension releases by lifting front tab on metal slide.

  • Sizes: Regular and Extra Long
  • Color: Red
  • Compatible Pants Models: GX-7, RS-1 and AEGIS

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