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FireCraft trACer-3

Price: $158.15

Item Number: TRACER3
Manufacturer Part No: TRACER3

The replacement for the Tac Stick, the FireCraft trACer-3 is an invaluable tool for detecting unshielded AC current at all natural disasters. Typical site situations include floods hurricanes, tornados, snow/ice storms, severe thunderstorms and earthquakes.


The new trACer-3 acts like the old TAC Stick. They’ve reduced the “excess chatter” or “false positive readings”. They’ve made advancements in engineering and programming.


The result? The trACer-3 offers: the features of the TAC Stick with the benefits of directional targeting, compact size, simple one-button on/off, patented digital technology, and a 2-year warranty!


  • Detects AC voltage at a safe distance
  • Pinpoints direction of downed lines
  • Detects power in unused outlets
  • Audio and visual signals
  • Easy On-Off operation
  • Sturdy storage case
  • DieHard Battery
  • Pocket Size!
  • Made in the USA

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