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Wildland Equipment

All Weather Notebooks
All weather notebooks, pens, and paper.
Chain Saw Chaps
Wildland Firefighter Chain Saw Chaps manufactured by PGI and Weckworth.
Face Masks & Helmet Shrouds
Facial Protection Masks and Helmet Shrouds for wildland firefighters.
Fire Shelters
New-generation fire shelters for the wildland firefighter manufactured by Anchor Industries Inc.
Forestry Backpack Pumps
Forestry Backpack Pumps manufactured by Indian and SEI.
Hydration & Recovery
Hydration and Recovery products for the Wildland Firefighter. Manufacturers include CamelBak, Oasis, and Igloo.
Medical cleansers and lotions for Wildland Firefighters manufactured by Tecnu, Ivy Block, and Anti Monkey.
Nozzles, Wyes, Strainers & Wrenches
Nozzles , Wyes , Strainers, & Wrenches for Hoses.
A variety of tools for the wildland firefighter including axes, shovels, and hoes.
Weather, Wind & Compass Instruments
Weather, Wind & Compass Instruments for wildland firefighters manufactured by Jim-Gem, Kestrel, Brunton, Zeno, and Weatherpak.
Web Gear, Packs, and Accessories
Web Gear, Packs, and Accessories for the Wildland Firefighter. Manufactured by Wolfpack.
Wildland Clothing
Wildland firefighting clothing includes coats, pants, and jumpsuits.
Wildland Eye Protection
Eye protection for the wildland firefighter.
Wildland Head Protection
Wildland Head Protection includes helmets, caps, and suspension systems.
Wildland Headlamps
Wildland Headlamps for hands free lighting for wildland firefighters. Manufacturers include Petzl, Streamlight, and Pelican.
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